The most professional pneumatic tool manufacturer for 20 years

Soon Tai is a 20 years technology and experience pneumatic tool design and development manufacturer, Soon Tai team with the spirit of "digging an acre of land and plowing deep", is committed to research and development, production and domestic and foreign sales of high quality and professional use of pneumatic tools, with strong R & D design capabilities and a number of patented technology, in Taiwan we have the most complete line of air screw drivers ( Air With strong R&D capability and many patented technologies, we have the most complete product line of Air Screw Drivers in Taiwan, offering the most choices to both domestic and foreign customers, as well as high quality, high efficiency and high reliability product development solutions, thus gaining the trust of many customers.

Innovative service

R&D Innovation Design Development

Specialized in pneumatic tools

For more than 20 years, the Soon Tai team has been working in the field of pneumatic tools, and strives to develop innovative designs to provide the most stable, high-quality and advanced solutions for professionals in the field, achieving higher productivity and unparalleled durability.

Leading the industry in pneumatic products

KG-T80 / 150 / X series and other industry-leading lithium-ion battery brushless torque technology, A3/A4 and T3/T4 pneumatic drilling/tapping series with automatic speed change and instantaneous forward and reverse direction control technology, and other product lines with various innovative and structural pneumatic screwdriver applications.

Taiwan and U.S. innovation patent certification

With the KG-T80 / 150 / X and A3/A4 and T3/T4 power and pneumatic tools, Soon Tai continues to innovate, including the precision power, speed, torque and durability design necessary for a variety of professional applications. The products are patented in Taiwan and the United States for innovation.

Development.Custom Manufacturing・Branding

Complete OEM / ODM solutions available

Since its inception, Soon Tai has always been focused on satisfying customers' needs for various pneumatic screwdrivers. With 20 years of pneumatic tool manufacturing technology and experience, Soon Tai provides complete and competitive OEM / ODM solutions to customers from all walks of life and has gained an excellent reputation in the industry.

Helping customers increase their market share

For customers with large purchase volume and self-branding, Soon Tai can present the customer's logo on the pneumatic tool casing by gravity casting or laser engraving, together with the design and printing of the packaging box, hang card, and label, to reduce the customer's supply chain and help the customer to quickly promote and expand the market share of the existing brand.

Business Contact

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